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Check, Check…

Check, Check…

I’m baaaack.  Things have been a bit wild here – Estelle is transitioning from 2 naps to 1, she started walking, my parents came to visit, we went on a trip to San Antonio, TX, and I’ve admittedly been watching equal parts of The Real Housewives of NYC and The Bachelor during nap times while “folding laundry.”  So, I’m playing catch up now – lots to fun posts to come.  To catch up:

  • I’ll be starting my beginning sewing class at The Sew Hut starting on June 25th – I’m SO excited to learn something new and to start making adorable gifts for friends and clothes for Estelle.
  • I will also be blogging some crafty ideas I’ve seen around the Pinterest boards, so watch me Pinterest Fail before your eyes!
  • I’m recalculating the budget for our family right now – I want to be a bit more strict with our savings, which means (semi) reluctantly, that I will be cooking much more.  I don’t mind cooking during the week, but the weekends will be harder.
  • Estelle is finally walking – at 15.5 months, she was probably the last of her buddies to take off on two feet, but it’s happening!  She’s so proud of herself, I couldn’t be happier for her.  Temper tantrums have also begun – so…great.  I now fear the flailing, rage-filled, poopy diaper changes like nothing I’ve feared before (except for the movie Paranormal Activity, which I still regret watching every Duty night – bad idea).
  • We’ve just arrived home from spending a week in San Antonio visiting Frank’s family.  It was awesome.  I was worried about our sleeping situation with Estelle, but it turned out to be fine.  I feel like it was the best visit I’ve had there.  I really love his family.  Though our upbringings were very different, I can fully appreciate who he has become because of where he came from.

Each of these topics will probably become posts at some point, but that’s the basic news here.

First Catch-Up Post Coming NOW!

Also, the shootings in Orlando are on my mind, as on yours, I’m sure.  Hold those you love close to you.  The families of those affected in this epic tragedy are in my heart.




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