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5 Awesome Reasons to Visit Petco’s Park at the Park for a Padre Game!

5 Awesome Reasons to Visit Petco’s Park at the Park for a Padre Game!

Petco Park in San Diego is home to the San Diego Padres.  They are unfortunately a mediocre team at the moment, but who doesn’t love the ambiance of a baseball game — especially in a place like San Diego?  Hot dogs?  Cracker Jacks?  Cotton Candy?  Fun? YESSS!  If you have small, squirmy, kids, the Park at the Park area is the best seat in the house.  Here’s why:

  1.  Picnics with small kids are the best.  No stress, just let them run!  Same idea here.  You can bring your stroller into the Petco, pack it up with food and drinks from home (just make sure your cooler is soft-sided), roll it all into the park, and set up camp in the grassy “Park at the Park.”  The park is on a slope, so if you opt to sit up high, you can almost see the entire field (bring your binoculars).  There is also a massive big screen TV that faces the park, so you can get all of your baseball action there, as well.  I admit fully to
    The Park at the Park
    The Park at the Park

    not paying attention to the game at all, but if I did, there would be no trouble following the action from the Park.  We have never had a problem finding an area to spread out, so no worries there.

  2. Tickets are cheap.  We only go on Sunday afternoon games, which I believe are the most expensive Park at the Park tickets – comes out to about $15 per adult.  Kids under 36″ are free.  So, if the kids get cranky, or someone takes a long nap before the game – no worries, just show up when you want, and leave when you want.  I don’t feel the pressure to stay for the whole game because we payed $50 per person for a ticket.
  3. Sunday games at Petco are “Kidsfest” days.  So, the Park has bouncy houses, games, face painting, and balloon animal activities happening in addition to the playground structure that is already there – and the mini-baseball field where kids can practice their skills.  There is also a huge sandbox across from the park, overlooking the beautiful baseball field, so bring some sand toys if your little turtles are into that.  Sunday games also start at 1:40pm, which is a great time for families.  Estelle naps while we are there, it works.
  4. The food.  The Park at the Park tickets include general admission, so you can partake in the many food options available at Petco Park.  The Phil’s BBQ
    Enjoying some Phil's BBQ
    Enjoying some Phil’s BBQ

    stand is located right next to the Park, and is oh, SO good.  There is also a burrito stand nearby with decent tacos, Hodad’s, and the hot dog/pretzel stands.  I haven’t yet ventured further into the Park for food, but let me know the best spots if you go!

  5. Military Sunday.  Every Sunday game, the Padre’s wear their Navy camo uniforms, and there is usually some type of military honor going on.  Yesterday was Military Spouse Appreciation day, so they had some military spouses out on the field to be recognized, and a Marine spouse sang ‘God Bless America’ during the 7th inning stretch.  I know the ITT offices in the San Diego area sell regular seats to the Padre games, but they do not sell Park at the Park tickets.

Have you done the Park at the Park?  Tell me your experience!  We love it – give it a try and report back!




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  1. ddupre315

    I never did Park at the Park, sounds nice.

    So, you like Phil’s BBQ? We were really disappointed when we tried it. It seems to be popular so I guess we are the odd ones to not like it. lol Always the odd one.

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