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Art Alive Exhibition and Tell Me What To Blog…

Art Alive Exhibition and Tell Me What To Blog…

Today, Estelle and I went to the Art Alive Exhibition at the San Diego Museum of Art in Balboa Park.  For those of you not familiar with San Diego, Balboa Park

IMG_3007is a huge space of land in the center of the city that houses museums, gardens, shops, stellar Spanish architecture, the largest outdoor organ in the world, free concerts, etc.  It is loved by both tourists and locals.  Iconic San Diego.  In fact, our neighborhood (North Park) is ‘North’ of the Park, nifty, eh?

I am at the park with Estelle at least once every couple of weeks for a picnic and a museum.  When we first arrived in SD, we got the Family Explorer Pass, so we get free entry into the museums for a year – gotta make that pass do work, as it wasn’t cheap!  Balboa Park definitely deserves its own post on fabulousness but there is already so much information out there about the park. I’ll just leave it at this picture :

Iconic SD: The Botanical Garden in Balboa Park
Iconic SD: The Botanical Garden in Balboa Park

This was our first time to the Art Museum.  I knew I wanted to see their Golden Age Exhibit, entitled “Brueghel to Canaletto: European Masterpieces from the IMG_3004Grasset Collection,” so I pretty much killed it today by going to the museum at its most busy three days of the year…The Art Alive exhibition.  This fundraising exhibition is in its 35th year, and is apparently the apex of the season for the Museum.  Florists are given the opportunity to interpret over 100 pieces of art from the Museum’s permanent collection, and the results are truly stunning. If you have the Explorer Pass, forget about free admission – everyone pays $20 during Art Alive.  It’s worth it, and I don’t mind supporting the Museum.

The Golden Age exhibit was so beautiful.  I used to hate still life’s – like, a bowl of fruit and some cheese and flowers are supposed to impress me?  IMG_3006But now the vibrant colors and over abundance in the paintings makes me so happy.  They are spectacular, and worth a trip to the museum by themselves.

Art Alive goes on until May 1.  Go check it out and enjoy a day at Balboa.



Weekend Plans – Tell Me What To Blog!

Tonight:  Date Night -National Comedy Theatre.  They had a good military discount, and we love to laugh, so we’re going to try it!  Also, it is in Little Italy, so great food choices all around.  Luckily, they have Valet Parking – Little Italy Parking is the worst.

Also, Estelle is going through the 2-1 nap transition and breaking skin on her molars, so…I wish our babysitter luck.  2 years ago I had no idea that babies even needed naps.  Naps are now my life.  I’ve been using and have found some awesome sitters, so just throwing that out there.

Saturday:  Facial at in South Park – I’ve been going here for a few months now, and I can tell a difference in my skin!  My husband went last week (I gave him my appointment), and loved it.  I see Kristina and book the Express Glycolic facial with Microderm every other appointment.

I’m not sure what we will do with the rest of our day on Saturday — we may hit up because I’ve heard it’s kiddo friendly and yummy.  Oh, yeah, I also want to get our beach bags established for the summer, so maybe a trip to Home Depot or something for supplies.

Sunday:  Headed to Breaker’s Beach on the Coronado Naval Base with my friend Erin and her family.  She loves this beach, so we are excited to relax and hang out with some friends.


Are you interested in a blog post about any of my weekend plans?  Let me know in the Comments, I want to know what you want to know!  Happy Weekend!




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  1. Erin

    How about rainy day activities to do with kids? We are heading to an indoor playground in El Cajon this morning but I was scratching my head trying to figure out what to do with them. The museums in Balboa are an option but they don’t open until 10am and when my kids eat lunch at 11:30 and are napping by 12-12:30 it makes it a short morning out. Maybe we should check some places out!

    1. abbyh1384

      Yes, we shall compile a list of rainy day activities! Awesome idea, thanks Erin!

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