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Check it Out: Discover the Glow Women’s Center

Check it Out: Discover the Glow Women’s Center

Earlier this week, Estelle and I went to check out the new Women’s Center called Discover the Glow in La Jolla.  I was mainly interested in a playdate they advertised over their Facebook site, but I also wanted to check the center out in person to see what other resources they offered.  They offer SO much more than I thought they did:  prenatal and postpartum exercise classes, acupuncture, cupping, resale merchandise, childcare while you workout (or have treatments), children’s music classes, ladies’ nights, playdates, baby wearing yoga, and so much more!  Check out their website linked above for their class calendar.

Discover the Glow aims to help women get through the pregnancy and postpartum life stages by offering classes and resources to help them through the ups and downs of childbearing.  This place would have been my haven during those newborn days – but it will still be a great place to go for workouts, now.

Open Playroom with BALL PIT!

The great thing about the childcare here (especially if you have tiny ones), is that you are pretty much in the same room as the kids during your workouts (see picture).  If they get fussy inside the play area (which includes a ball pit!), the kids are welcome to come out and hang with you during the class if you’d like.  Not to worry – there IS a chalkboard room divider between the kids and the workout room, so it doesn’t seem too close.  It all seems very laid-back and super kid friendly.  Sometimes, when we go to the YMCA, the childcare staff have to come get me if Estelle is crying or upset, so I have to end my workouts early.  At Discover the Glow, I’d just strap her to me and keep squatting!

Only in San Diego…A must try!

One of the more interesting classes they are offering is called “Punani Power Yoga,” haha!  I spoke with the lady who leads the class, and she swears it is a blast, so I may check that out sometime soon!  You are encouraged to bring your girlfriends and BYOB to this class (no childcare for this class, as it is not kid-friendly, so leave the kids with Dad)!  Only in SD, people, only in SD.

Your very first class at Discover the Glow is FREE, so stop by, give it a try, and see for yourself all they have to offer.  The women who work here are incredibly kind and welcoming.

They offer drop-in rates ranging from $5-$15 per class (including childcare), and they offer an unlimited monthly membership for a fee of $80 (including childcare).  Military gets the monthly membership for $70.

Where do you go in SD to get your workout in with a baby or toddler?  Tell me in the comments!




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  1. Cary

    I need this place in my life! Is San Diego their only location? I’ll google!

    1. abbyh1384

      They are only in SD right now — maybe they will expand by the time you arrive =)!

  2. Amy

    This sounds fab!! Let’s check out that class!!!!!

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