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7 Podcasts You Should Check Out Now

7 Podcasts You Should Check Out Now

I’m not ashamed to say that I first really became interested Podcasts when the first season of Serial came out (if you haven’t listened to the Serial Podcast, it is like the Breaking Bad of Podcasts…you just can’t get enough).  If you haven’t listened to the first season, just do it, please, you won’t be sorry.

I always have a podcast playing in the background while I prepare breakfast and such for Estelle – and then I listen to my favorites while I push her on our morning jogs.  I always learn something from them, and as a SAHM, it is nice to hear adults talking about adult things for a bit during the day.  It brings me sanity.  It is also endlessly fun to discuss Podcast opinions with friends and my husband.  So, here is my list of current favorites in no particular order.

  1.  Modern Love

Oh, Modern Love for the win.  This podcast makes me cry almost every.single.time.  These stories, usually read by various celebrities, come from the Modern Love column in The New York Times.  They are beautiful stories.  Coming from the perspective of an adoptee, “No Simple Math,” narrated by Sarah Paulson has been my favorite episode so far (find it here).  It is the story of adoption from the perspective of the birth mother.  You won’t have a dry eye.  Listen in, and get all the feels.

2.  The Longest Shortest Time with Hillary Frank

As I mentioned in my post about new motherhood, this podcast was my savior during those long newborn days.  The stories gave me strength and hope that I would make it through.  Even if you don’t have kids, this podcast is a joy to listen to. Hillary covers a range of touching and profound stories related to parenting that has something for everyone: race, adoption, LGBT issues, military, miscarriage, breastfeeding, twins, postpartum issues, teen pregnancy, etc.  Hillary contributes regularly to This American Life, so expect the same high-quality product.  The episodes mostly hover around 30 minutes.  Listen now here.

3.  The Sporkful

“It’s not for foodies, it’s for eaters.”  Dan Pashman is smart, relatable, and loves to eat.  He settles call-in listener disputes like “is it OK to eat all of your popcorn before the movie starts?” or, “what is the correct ratio of meatloaf to mashed potatoes in the perfect bite?”  Lately, his shows have been getting more serious – for instance, taking on issues of race and food like,  “Is kimchi racist?”  I really enjoy his take on food and life.  He recently interviewed Michael Pollen, and my favorite episode features Jim Gaffigan.  He is always down to earth, but his shows carry some intellectual weight as well.  Check Dan out here.

4.  Totally Mommy 

Oh, how I love Elizabeth and Vanessa!  These ladies are hilarious, sincere, and give great advice.  They are both working mothers of small children who live in LA.  They do weekly “good, bad, funny” stories, and basically just shoot the shit on various parenting topics for an hour or so.  Elizabeth is a seriously funny comedy writer, and Vanessa, her new co-host is equally as awesome.  Elizabeth just had a second child a few months ago, so as a mother of one, it is interesting for me to hear about her transition to two.  These two have me stopping to crack up in middle of my jogs – they are really that funny.  I know I look crazy.  They are the best.  Listen here.

5.  Totally Married

Elizabeth, again from Totally Mommy.  But this time with her husband, Andy…and this time the subject is Married Life – mostly, their married life.  They cover various topics like sex, money, kids, family, divorce, etc.  They chat with each other about their opinions, and aren’t afraid to disagree.  They communicate openly about real issues they are dealing with, which is so refreshing.  There is something I really love about them.  I especially love Elizabeth because she is so relatable, kind, hilarious, and real.  Listen here.

6.  The Mystery Show 

Starlee Kine.  I mean, just her name, Starlee, I LOVE it!  She has the sweetest voice to match her name, and the show is oh-so-intriguing.  Like, I want her job.  She takes calls from listeners about a personal mystery they would like to have solved. Each week, she picks a mystery, and the fun unfolds over the course of an hour or so.  My favorite episode was about a woman who wrote a rather obscure novel — and she randomly happens to see Britney Spears, of all people, carrying her novel around in a paparazzi photograph.  The woman has been dying to know how Britney found out about her novel — and Starlee manages to get her an answer by the end of the episode.  Starlee hasn’t come out with a new season yet, but catch up on the old season now.  This one is addicting.  I can’t wait for more episodes.  Listen here.

7.  Sounds of the Trail

I love to hike.  I love the outdoors – and I’ve sometimes dreamt of doing a thru-hike someday.  This podcast gives you a look into the lives of people currently out on the trail.  Some on the Appalachian Trail, others on the Pacific Crest. It is inspiring to hear their stories and escape into the wilderness for awhile.  Check in with the trail here.

Do you share my love of Podcasts?  When do you listen to them?  Current Favorites?  I’d love to hear from you!




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  1. Amy

    Love to read your posts. You’re a GREAT WRITER!!

    1. abbyh1384

      Thank you, Amy =)!!

  2. Anamar

    I’m obsessed with podcasts too, and also got into them via Serial! Modern Love is one of my faves too, and having the different celebs read each week was such a great idea – they really bring the stories to life! So if you haven’t checked these out, you absolutely must: 1. This American Life – every week they choose a different theme and share three or four stories based on that theme. It’s cool because the stories are completely different from one another. 2. Guys We F***ed. It’s the “anti-slut shaming podcast” and these chicks are hilarious! I don’t get out much either and listening to this makes me feel like I’m chatting it up and laughing with friends.

    Love your writing, keep it coming!!

    Your #1 Fan

    1. abbyh1384

      Oh, Anamar, thank you SO much for the love and for your suggestions! Yes, I am seriously obsessed – I am contemplating making a hotel reservation for myself and laying by the pool all day (alone) while listening to Podcasts and ordering drinks/food for my birthday. I am also a fan of This American Life – I think my favorite episode is about car salesmen in New Jersey. I think I may have burned myself out on it like a Chipotle binge at some point, but will check back in soon! And Guys We F***ed sounds amazing! Will add that to the list. Thanks so much, Anamar =)!

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