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Carlsbad Inn Beach Resort (Family Friendly) – Easter Weekend in Carlsbad

Carlsbad Inn Beach Resort (Family Friendly) – Easter Weekend in Carlsbad

Hello, on Monday!

I know I promised exotic travel posts, but I wanted to start with something more local to get things started.  After all, this blog will mostly consist of fun and travel in Southern California for families…and the Carlsbad Inn Beach Resort was a massive hit for us.

This was a last-minute trip for us – so luckily, we scored a one bedroom apartment-stye condo with a full kitchen, living room area, and private bedroom.  We arrived on Friday, and took off Sunday.

Let’s get my complaint out of the way:  Check-in doesn’t begin until 4pm, which is kind of a bummer, since if you have young children the day is basically over when you arrive.  Ok, moving on to the great stuff…

Mexican Take Out from the nearby restaurant. Hanging on our porch after the baby went to sleep.

The location is right in the heart of Carlsbad – with the beach directly across the street.  Can’t get better than that.

The Resort is mostly used as a time-share, so you will be asked to wear a wristband during your stay to identify you as a guest…I tried to rebel against the rule, and was quickly confronted by security!

The Friday evening we arrived they had a “Bon Voyage” party on the lawn.  There was a live band, BBQ offerings, ice cream, and appetizers.  They charged $2 for the food, which was a deal.  We enjoyed laying on the lawn chairs and soaking in the view.  Estelle crawled around the grass.  It was lovely and about as relaxing as a vacation moment with a 1 year old can be.

What families want to know:

The Room.  We booked the One Bedroom Condo.  Traveling with a light-sleeping baby has taught me the importance of separate sleeping areas.

The living room area was big, and it included a privacy curtain that gave you the option of sectioning off a Queen-sized Murphy bed for a bonus room. My husband and I opted to sleep on the Murphy bed so that we could put the baby to bed in the bedroom and still enjoy the terrace when she went to sleep…BUT the bed in the bedroom was incredibly comfortable!

The kitchen was useful, and well equipped.  There was even a toaster – which was great for a quick baby breakfast.

Food.  There are no restaurants inside the property, but there is a decent Mexican Restaurant a few steps away, and a fabulous Breakfast/Lunch spot called The Daily News Cafe.  I was SO excited for breakfast each morning.  The Daily News caters to families very well, and the seating is almost all outdoors on a lovely patio.  These places are a one minute walk from the property.

We meant to eat at the Karl Strauss Brewing Company, but we never made it.  At any rate, the food looks great, and the reviews are glowing.  Be better than us. Go There!

We frequented a nearby 7-11 for baby milk, room snacks, and…scratch-off lotto tickets (a vacation ONLY indulgence).  I have to say, going cray on a good convenience store on vacation is so FUN for me!  It just gets me excited to be a ‘kid’ with adult money to spend on total indulgences.  Note to self: Start a list of everyday FUN.

View of the ocean from the central lawn area.

Amenities for Kids.  There is an “Activity Center” with a daily schedule of events and activities for kids and adults.  The schedule is updated daily, and can be found posted throughout the hotel.  We were at the resort over Easter weekend, so they had Easter related crafts, movie screenings, a huge Easter Egg Hunt, and various other activities.  Since Estelle isn’t ready for this stuff yet, we didn’t partake, but the kids seemed to be enjoying themselves.

We partook of the rentals they have available at no charge.  You can rent towels, boogie boards, beach chairs, umbrellas, and even sand buckets and shovels.  We were also able to rent a jogging stroller for a long run along the beach with Estelle.  These amenities were fantastic!

Fun in Carlsbad.  

  • We made a visit to the Carlsbad Flower Fields.  They are in full bloom right now, and it was absolutely beautiful.  Worth a day trip, for sure.

    The Carlsbad Flower Fields
    The Carlsbad Flower Fields
  • We also headed to the Carlsbad Outlet Mall, which was fairly decent.  I particularly enjoyed perusing at Joe’s Jeans, BCBG MaxAzria, Kate Spade, and the many baby stores.  There was no playground here, but lots of fountains that seems to be keeping the kids entertained.
  • We walked around the Village of Carlsbad, which isn’t huge, but a nice walk from the hotel.  Lots of boutiques and interesting art galleries, as well as the opportunity for sleazy touristy beach gear, which just happens to be my favorite to browse through!


We had a great trip, and I highly recommend the Carlsbad Inn Beach Resort for your family mini-getaway.

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